Sunday 25 July 2010 Workshop / Seminar Schedule

John Wilson - Advanced Solar Technologies

Exploring developments in solar water heating technology. Options and applications.
An unbiased, easy to understand presentation by a very technically able speaker.


Lawrence McIntyre - Little Greenie

The cost-benefit argument for sustainable housing and vexing questions about insulation

Lawrence McIntyre of Eco-action Design and Build presents findings from the report prepared by The Hikurangi Foundation and funded by the Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) into the key features, costs and benefits of 'Little Greenie' - a house built in Golden Bay by Lawrence. The dwelling, which has achieved the highest energy efficiency rating in New Zealand under EECA’s Home Energy Rating Scheme, provides an extremely warm, comfortable and low cost living environment.

12 noon
Brian Walsh

Clean Green Lean & Serene - Discover thrifty living secrets for the lifestyle conscious - easy handmade pamper products, discover supermarket shopping secrets, cut your household cleaning costs

Russell Devlin - Solarchitect

The Passive Solar Secret…one of the best kept kind.

How to Stay warm and be cool in your new solar home with effective energy design.

Too often, the solutions to our home energy requirements become more and more complicated when the solution is a lot more simple. Applying the fundamental principles of Passive Solar Design to the wider design solution has many benefits including a more comfortable, more simple, home energy solution.  

The solution is as simple as the fact that the sun rises every morning !


Rhys Taylor - Sustainable Living

Energy efficiency at home - staying warm, dry and comfortable.


Niel de Jong - ebode truly sustainable homes

In recent times, there has been a mass of public and media attention focused on using technology such as insulation and heat pumps to create energy efficient homes, but eco housing company ebode believes there are many more boxes to tick before a home can be considered truly sustainable.

Using a standard ebode design as his example, Niel de Jong, ebode’s Director of Design, will run through a checklist of the most important features that make a home truly sustainable, including:
-Built-in energy efficiency using both active and passive systems
-Neutral consumption and waste
-People and earth friendly materials

Adam Reid and Carolyn Brown
- Home Energy Advice Centre

Home energy efficiency tips for Renters

The energy advisors will provide their top tips on things renters can do to help make their homes warmer and more energy efficient (home owners and landlords also welcome).

There will be an opportunity for questions and group discussion after the presentation and the audience are welcome to share some of their  top tips too.

Tim Searle and Jack Coggins

Eco-awesomeness on the cheap:
How to eco-pimp your house and garden at virtually no cost.

An engaging talk from the winners of the 2010 Canterbury University Eco-my-flat competition.

Part of the presentation includes a short video on how they made their own back yard glasshouse - for free.

Eugenie Sage

Reclaiming our water and our vote.

Eugenie Sage was a regional councillor with Environment Canterbury until the elected councillors were removed earlier this year and replaced with state-appointed commissioners. Eugenie was formerly South Island field co-ordinator for the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society, where she was active in RMA advocacy and leading successful conservation campaigns. She holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland and a Diploma in Journalism from the University of Canterbury.

Christoph Hensch

An introduction to the Pegasus Exchange project - a local complementary currency which will enable individuals, not-for-profit organisations and businesses to be more involved and have greater participation in the economy.

Joseph Blessing - Ionza

Ionised water and personal sustainability.

Accumulated acidity and high oxidation in the body is increasingly understood to be responsible for many of the common illnesses that compromise our health and wellbeing.

Water is fundamental to our personal sustainability.

This presentation offers a range of understanding about ionized alkaline water: features, health benefits, applications in the kitchen, issues of hydration, different water qualities, what a water ionizer does and how it does it.