If your products, services, or business is eco-focussed then
Ecoexpo is the perfect way to reach your market.

People are more aware than ever that we need to do something to protect the environment for future generations but research shows that many people still haven't got a clue what we're talking about when we say 'sustainability'.

And while they might know they need to take action, they don’t necessarily know where to start or what they can do; many believe that using the council's three-bin system is enough.

Ecoexpo New Zealand is about introducing businesses and households to the many different choices available in the market: services they can access and products they can purchase.

Being a part of this expo will allow you to:

Promote your product or service's points of
difference face-to-face with prospects and to
acquire new prequalified and eager customers.

Build your reputation with the public, within the
industry, and with the media.

Launch or reposition your business or products.

Educate and inform the general public.

Meet masses of people, with networking
opportunities to gain new clients.

List your company and products with links to your
website in our Consumer Directory on

Display your products rather than just a catalogue.

Visitor Survey Findings

87.2% rated the event as ‘very good’ or ‘good’.
88.5% rated the exhibitors as ‘very good’ or
61.2% intended to visit at least one exhibitor after
the expo. A further 31% said they likely would.
97.4% said they would likely attend Ecoexpo '10.

Exhibitor Survey Findings

53% of exhibitors were new clients.
79.4% of respondents rated the event as
‘very good’ or ‘good’. 17.6 as Adequate.
88.3% of exhibitors intended to exhibit in 2010.
8.8% said they'd like to be operationally involved.
73.5% of exhibitors said they would likely follow
the event to other NZ cities if we were to run the
same event there.


If you'd like to talk to us further about exhibiting at
Ecoexpo New Zealand, please contact:

Glen on 021 756 337
Michael on 021 148 1124.

Community Groups and Non-profits

We're dedicated to supporting community groups and non-profit organisations that facilitate sustainable development.

We don't expect that you'll necessarily be able to afford the site fees. As such, we've developed an alternative model for you. Please contact us to discuss this and we can arrange something with you.

Our future show dates:

Ecoexpo '11
7 - 8 May 2011 - Pioneer Stadium

Eco Living at the Canterbury Home Show
October 2011 - CBS Canterbury Arena